Artisan Gelato

Juliette’s was the first cafĂ© in Townsville to introduce high quality artisan gelato, made daily by Juliette’s artisan gelato makers. Gelato is an Italian staple and can be found in numerous gelaterias that line historic cobblestone streets found throughout Italy.

What is Gelato? This Italian version of ice cream, derived from a base of milk, sugar and natural fibers, has a fat content less than 10 percent, less sugar and less pumped air, compared to commercial ice cream.

Juliette’s gelato is a fresh, high quality product. It has a dense, creamy texture with an intense transfer of the natural flavours on the palate. Juliette’s sorbets, also made daily, are dairy free and are combined with locally sourced seasonal fruit.

Gelato is perfect for Townsville’s climate and lifestyle.